Kidzania Jakarta

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Kidzania Jakarta is an educational indoor theme park located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Opened in November 2007 at the Pacific Place Jakarta, Kidzania Jakarta is the first of the Kidzanian franchises to open in Southeast Asia and somewhat larger than its Monterrey equivalent.

It was the fourth ever Kidzania theme park to be built. Just like its Tokyo, Monterrey, and Mexico City (La Ciudad De Los Ninos) predecessors, Kidzania Jakarta had similar establishments such as Flight Simulator, but unlike its predecessors, Kidzania Jakarta excludes some other establishments like a Garage and some activities on similar establishments.

Upon entering Kidzania Jakarta (somewhat different of things received during entry, but mostly similar to other tenants), one is given a boarding pass, a map of the city, and a 50 Kidzos (the official currency of Kidzania) paycheck upon entry. Inside, one can work on over 70 different professions.

Some establishments require children to pay a significant amount of Kidzos. If one runs out of money, they must work in establishments that offer salaries in a significant amount of Kidzos. A security bracelet is required during entry so that parents can find you if you are lost, and can only be removed upon return to Jakarta.

in this place, children are like the adult peoples that works, saves money, and buys something..
children can study how’s their life in several years to be..
so, if you have child or maybe cousins, and etc, try to visit this place,,
it’s fun (hehe >.<)

During its first days of operation, Kidzania Jakarta opened at these times:

Morning session: 9am-2pm
Afternoon session: 3pm-8pm
Weekends, National and School Holidays:

Morning session: 10am-3pm
Afternoon session: 4pm-9pm
As of late 2008, Kidzania Jakarta opens at:


7 hour session: 9am-4pm
5 hour session: 11am-4pm
Friday-Saturday & Holidays: Follows earlier Monday-Friday schedule.

visit this page so you can know more about kidzania jakarta..

ohh yeahh, I almost forgot,
Kidzania’s at di Pacific Place Shopping Mall lt 6, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, Kawasan Niaga Sudirman (SCBD), Jakarta 12190.

I think that’s all I can share about Kidzania Jakarta..
to know more about Kidzania Jakarta, don’t forget to visit the page I gave before..

* I took this information from wikipedia and kidzania jakarta web

yeahh, why don’t you visit Kidzania Jakarta in this long holiday?? ^^


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