STUDYTOUR! Laporan Perjalanan B. Ing

Name : Annisa Maulidya Chasanah
Class : X.4

2 days before study tour, I packed things that I need to bring to study tour. I was so excited that I told Nia to packed things early and prepared list so nothing will left behind. This will be my first experience because in Junior high school, we haven’t study tour.

That morning around 4.00 AM, I woke up and got ready to go to school because before go to Jatijajar, we assemble at school. After pray shubuh, uncle Imam picked me up at home and we picked up Nia in Margonda.

At 5.15 AM, we already at school and we brought our things to the bus. Me, Nia, Indira, and Devi in bus 2. At 6.30 AM we ready to go to Jatijajar. In toll, bus 3 had some technical problem, so another 4 buses wait it. It was so long and our schedule was decline.

In the afternoon, we had lunch at a restaurant that I forgot the name of it. We arrived at Jatijajar when the sun wasn’t seen anymore. In there, I heard song but they were not playing it with instrument but with water. It’s so unique. I took some photos there and heard the explanation from the tour guide.

We arrived to hotel around 11.35 PM but we, FantastiX4 not slept there but we took some photos, played games, and talked about something. I played card with Fera, Dela, and Reta. If we lose, we had a punishment. The punishment was the 3 persons that won, give the loser some powder on her face. It was a wonderful night. But, at 3.30 AM after I took a bath, I felt so sleepy so I slept until 5 o’clock.

When breakfast, I took so much fried-rice until I satisfied. That morning plan was go to Dieng! We separated to some mini-bus. Around 20 peoples of FantastiX4 picked a mini-bus together. In bus, I only slept and I gave my camera to Vema.
I woke up when we arrived to Dieng. We went to theatre and saw a girl that has ‘Gimbal hair’. They said it was because high fever. Wow, I didn’t know about it until I heard the explanation.

After saw the theatre, we walked to ‘Telaga Warna’. The landscape was so beauty, that I took so many photos in there. Nia took some picture of me when I sat on tree. I did many weird-things in there.

After that, we went back to the mini-bus to go to cauldron. My friends, didn’t like the scent of it. So, they didn’t go with me. I went near the cauldron. I liked the scent because if I smell it, it liked durian scent. I took many photos there, and the landscape was so beautiful. I thought that my friends were so loss.

I saw SMAN 1 Depok student go back to the mini-bus, so I followed them. But, I saw a woman that sold sulfur powder. It was cheap, the price was only 10.000 per plastic. I bought 1 sulfur powder and 1 sulfur rock.

I went back to the mini-bus after that and I ate Carica with Endi, Ikrama, Silmi, and the others. The journey begins again.
We went back to our bus. I went back to bus 2. In bus, we had lunch and we started go to Jogjakarta. We arrived at hotel, around 8 o’clock and I went to hotel room. Indira, Devi, Nia and me had a hotel room in first floor. We were taking a bath and prepared to walk with our classmates.

But, we only walked for a moment. After that I bought ‘wedang jahe’. I heard someone told us, the maximum time to go bed was around 11 o’clock. So, my roommates and I went back to our room and sleep.

I was so envy that my classmate played card together.

The next morning, we went to see ‘how batik made’. Fera did some weird things. She wore Endi’s glasses, and that glasses was so funky. She took so many photos with our friends.

After that, we went to ‘Pabrik Gula Madu Kismo’. I wrote many things in my book. We went around the fabric with mini-train. As usual, I took many photos there. Because I was so busy with my camera, my book and my bag missed.

The next thing we did, went back to the bus and had lunch. Because it was Friday, the boys must do Friday prayer. The girls only wait them, and after the boys finished, the girls pray.

After that we went to KOI souvenir. Because I didn’t have money, I bought nothing there. The last place went was Malioboro. I followed Fera, Devi, Ilham, Irham, Ismail, Rizki and Endi to mall. I, Fera, and Devi only waited them bought dagadu T-shirt.

So, when the girls bought something, the boys must accompany us. Because, the tour guide said don’t walk around the Malioboro alone. In there, I bought a cute bag, 2 pins, and a shirt.

That was a long journey and I was so happy 


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