Manga Downloader : SOFTWARE

Well I miss my wordpress after months I didn’t post anything *actually yesterday I shared my cover song, don’t forget to like and download guys*. This time I use english haha, and I wanna give some information about manga downloader software that I use until now *and this is the best software i’ve ever known*


I would like to tell you about DOMDOMSOFT MANGA DOWNLOADER for computer. Why I like this software? Cause this software can download manga from mangafox, mangahere, mangago, mangatraders, and many more. DomDomSoft Manga also can multi-download, and if your download interrupted, you can resume it so there won’t be any problem with your downloaded manga.

You don’t believe me? Here, check this out :3


In that pic, there are list of downloaded yaoi  manga and it was success. Won’t you try this software? I’ll give you the link to download this, just click this picture :3 Oh yeah, It’s FREE and there’s also PRO ver. if you don’t wanna limited ver. I also recommend you DomDomSoft Anime Downloader!!



My second Manga downloader software is PocketManga or a.k.a. Mango. This is an application actually for your SmartPhone (Android and Blackberry). When I checked the name in GalaxyTab is Mango :3 and in my Galaxy Ace Plus is PocketManga.

Oh yeah, this app can’t be downloaded in PlayStore so you should check it from your phone browser or even in your computer browser. So you downloaded an .exe and just extract it to your phone 😀 and this app can let you read manga offline if you downloaded the manga before~

Click this picture to go to Mango website:


And these are screenshots from PocketManga on my phone =w=



home page


manga sources in pocketmanga


you can also favoriting your manga, and you can also have notification for the manga you like



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